UK Leads Solar Energy Installations in Europe


A recent report from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has revealed that the UK installed more solar energy than any other European country in 2014.

The study showed that while the European solar market fell over 30% last year, solar installations continued to grow here in the UK, increasing installations over 50% to 2.3GW.

The UK’s strong performance saw it installing more new solar power capacity than any other European country including usual powerhouses such as France and Germany.

Chief Executive of EPIA, James Watson, said; “It’s great to see a thriving solar market in the UK, as it proves solar energy’s versatility to be a success in a country famous for its ‘mild’ climate.”

“At a time, solar power has lower cost than retail and often even commercial electricity, it is hard to understand why governments are not pushing much harder to tap the technology’s potential as the European Union is looking for sustainable and secure energy supply,”

The CEO also told BusinessGreen that the UK is well on track to retaining it’s top position, with 3GW forecast to be added this year;

“The UK is coming from a low level,” “[But] they’re catching up in terms of overall installations. For the time being we expect them to be able to [reach 3GW this year] and we suspect that nobody else in Europe is going to be able to get that number at all.”

Watson did stress however that the predictions were still estimates and could change depending on the result of this month’s election.

With solar power only going from strength to strength in the UK, the smartest businesses are investing in renewable power now!

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