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At Visolaris we see ourselves as much more than an installer of renewable energy products, we are your complete renewable energy solutions partner.

We do everything in-house, we take care of every aspect of your installations from planning, designing, financing, installing and maintaining our products, this allows you to deal with one entity and have one designated point of contact for any questions or queries’ you may have.

Our aim is to work alongside our clients to understand their needs and design bespoke energy solutions that will benefit you the most. With a strong commercial background at the core of our team we recognise the need our clients have to become more sustainable and also cut the cost of electricity bills. That is why we offer to finance all our installations and where is possible sell the electricity at an extreme discount to you so you save money on your electricity bills by buying it from your own site, this is known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

With our PPA you purchase the electricity generated on your site just like you would with your current electricity provider. It is a contract to buy electricity based on a set rate that will be lower than your current rate from a utility company, this allows you to save on your electric bill whilst protecting yourself from the volatility of future utility rate increases.

As a PPA customer, you only pay for the power generated on your site, not the planning, equipment or installation. Visolaris installs, maintains and owns the system, you benefit from the energy created and the savings to your electricity bill.

From a commercial viewpoint it is the best option to business, farms, schools, SME’s, and corporates as there is no capital outlay asked from you, you simply opt into a PPA with us and pay less for your electricity.

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