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Stage 01: Desktop assessment and Feasibility Study

Visolaris will conduct an initial Desktop Assessment on your site to ascertain suitability for a wind turbine. Factors taken into account include average wind speed data, topography, surrounding forestry, access, nearest neighbours and visual impact. If a site looks viable Visolaris will enter into an Option Agreement with you which allows us to conduct a more detailed Site Feasibility Study.

The feasibility study will look at site requirements, if the turbine will be export only or provide electricity to the site on a PPA agreement. If the site is export only, a ground rent percentage will be agreed and added to our Heads Of Terms. We will require a signed Letter Of Authority at this stage to apply to the DNO for a connection budget estimate.

Stage 02: Formal Offer

We will report back our findings in writing within fourteen days and if we are able to offer a free installation, we will include our Property Agreement which will require signing and returning to Visolaris. The property Agreement includes our “heads of terms” and conditions of the energy supply agreement if applicable.

Stage 03: Site Design & Applications

Once Visolaris are in receipt of our signed Property Agreement we will contact the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for a grid connection application. We will also prepare and submit a Planning Application and consult with the local planning authority on all aspects of the application. During this process, the site owner is kept informed of progress.

Stage 04: Installation & Commissioning

Having received grid connection acceptance and planning permission, Visolaris will book in your installation and order the materials/equipment required to complete the installation. An average timescale for a wind turbine installation is 1 week including groundworks.

We will discuss access requirements at the feasibility stage to ensure that we can be on and off site in the shortest timescale possible.

Once the installation is complete the site is tested and connected to the National Grid.

Stage 05: Operation & Maintenance

Following the connection to the National Grid, Visolaris will continue to operate and maintain the wind turbine for the duration of the contract. We monitor and evaluate performance remotely and can respond quickly should any malfunction occur. It is in our interest to ensure the turbine is operating fully at all times. Annual maintenance is required on all wind turbines to ensure optimal performance. This will be pre-arranged with the land owner and we will give at least 30 days notice.

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