Stage 01: Feasibility survey and energy consumption

Visolaris will conduct an initial feasibility survey on your site to ascertain suitability for a CHP installation. Factors taken into account include consumption, base load, hours of use and space for unit.

If a site looks viable Visolaris will enter into an Option Agreement with you which allows us to conduct a more detailed Site Feasibility Study. We will report back our findings in writing within fourteen days and if we are able to offer a free installation, we will include our Property Agreement which will require signing and returning to Visolaris.

Stage 02: Site designs, offerings & applications

Once Visolaris are in receipt of our signed Option Agreement we will create offerings for the client both fully funded and ‘Cap Ex’. Our technical department will design the system matching your usage with what we can supply. Visolaris will also apply for all subsidies which are applicable to the machine. During this process, the site owner is kept informed of progress.

Stage 03: Installation & Commissioning

Having received confirmation of the option the client wishes to take, Visolaris will book in your installation and have the unit delivered to site. Visolaris have a team of UK wide qualified and experienced installers who will conduct your installation which will be completed within a few hours.

We will discuss access requirements at the feasibility stage to ensure that we can be on and off site in the shortest timescale possible.

Once the installation is complete the site is tested and connected.

Stage 04: Operations and Maintenance

Following the connection to the site supply, Visolaris will continue to operate and maintain the CHP unit throughout the period of the contract. We monitor and evaluate performance remotely and can respond quickly should any malfunction occur. It is in our interest to ensure the systems is operating fully at all times.

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