Emission Reduction Tips for Your Business


Investment in renewables is now considered something of a ‘no brainer’ for any business looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

From solar power to wind installations, organisations are now taking the lead through environmental actions and beginning to use energy more efficiently.

If you’re looking to reduce your emissions, here is a simple list of things you could do immediately…. 


When trying to cut carbon emissions it’s a good idea to travel as little as possible. If possible, encourage employees to share lifts to work, cycle or use public transport. If you travel a lot to see clients and suppliers why not use video conferencing or the telephone instead of driving long distance to meetings?

Switch off

Get employees to switch off all lights and appliances when they leave the office. Turn off any unneeded office equipment such as printers, photocopiers and laptops at the source.

Reduce, reuse recycle

If you don’t already have them why not introduce recycling facilities at your workplace. Place recycling points at appropriate, convenient points around the office.

Employee schemes

A good way to get employees involved in reducing emissions is to set up a scheme which will promote energy efficiency in the office. An environmental group can champion your work and raise awareness amongst colleagues.

Renewable energy

One of the most effective ways businesses can help reduce emissions is to invest in renewable energy such as solar or wind power.

A business that invests in renewable energy can be paid for the electricity they generate – even if they use it themselves. Approximately every kWh produced through renewables is roughly equivalent to a saving of half a tonne of greenhouse gases every year.

Landowners with a solar or wind installation could stand to save the most CO2 emissions (an average of 350 tonnes per annum – equal to 35 average UK households) Farmsteads, schools and manufacturers could also benefit greatly from renewable energy.

From a corporate and economic viewpoint your business could also stand to improve its reputation as an environmentally conscious organisation.

Here at Visolaris we specialise in the two most efficient and viable technologies, namely Solar PV and Wind Turbines on a commercial scale.

Businesses across the UK trust us to help them unlock value through reducing their carbon emissions.

Large scale renewable energy solutions from wind and solar farms to rooftop arrays can help any business reduce their carbon emissions from small businesses down to individual schools.

Explore our case studies to discover how they can help you save on emissions in each sector.

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