Warehouse Case Studies

Solar Case Example

Warehouse space in the UK is ideal for solar PV as their large roof space can be utilised to produce clean, green energy on site.

Main source of high energy usage: Lighting, charging stations.

50 KWp equal to 850 m2 or 9,095 sq ft
Cost of the System:
Forecast Output:
43,500 KWh per annum
Usage on site:
CO2 emissions saved:
17 tonnes per annum which is equal to 2 average UK households
Assuming all energy is used on site, a 50% reduction on energy costs per KWh would save £74,020 over 20 years (based on 2.5% RPI)

Wind Case Example

Warehouses are often surrounded by redundant land that can be put to use by installing a wind turbine. You can feed the green energy back into the warehouse to contribute to the running costs or we can arrange for the energy to be exported to the grid and pay a ground rent for the turbine site.

Cost of the System:
Forecast Output:
470,000 KWp per annum
Usage on site:
CO2 emissions saved:
188 tonnes P/A, which is equal to 19 average UK households
£6,000 P/A as a ground rental payment increase yearly by circa 2.5% for 20 years

MMD Shipping - solar

Have you ever eaten a Banana? Well if so the likelihood is your banana went through this large building when it was shipped to the UK. MMD Shipping is based in Portsmouth docks and see’s thousands of bananas swing through its doors each day. MMD Shipping has huge refrigeration units which run 24 hours a day meaning that 100% of electricity produced by the 1.2MW System will be used by the company every single day. The new Solar PV system on the roof of the building is made up of 6,000 solar panels which will operate and provide the company with FREE electricity even on cloudy days.

The building was so large that scaffolding costs would have been an unnecessary expense; our team has access to specialist equipment meaning that the team can work safely on industrial roofs without the need for scaffolding, bringing the cost of our installation costs down considerably and minimizing disturbance to the companies of properties that we work on.

“We are over the moon with the service received, we knew right from the start that we could trust the company and the price we were offered beat all other quotes. The job was completed in the timescales given and we have already seen a dramatic saving in our energy bills”.
Dave Jones – Depot Manager

Project details

Size of system
Jinko Solar
Forecast Output
987,000 kWh/annum
Carbon Saving
Year 1 Performance vs forecast

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