Manufacturing Case Studies

Solar Case Example

Manufacturing premises are one of the highest energy users in the UK, relying heavily on electricity to operate machinery.

Main source of high energy usage: Machinery, cooling, lighting, computers

250 KWp 3,600 m2 or 39,000 sq ft.
Cost of the System:
Forecast Output:
217,500 KWh per annum
Usage on site:
CO2 emissions saved:
90 tonnes per annum which is equal to 9 average UK households
Assuming all energy is used on site, a 50% reduction on energy costs per KWh would save £370,153 over 20 years (based on 2.5% RPI)

Wind Case Example

Manufacturing premises are one of the highest energy users in the UK, relying heavily on electricity to operate machinery, lighting and computers. A wind turbine installation is possible on most sites and can contribute considerably to the annual energy costs by way of a power purchase agreement or a ground rent.

Cost of the System:
Forecast Output:
420,000 KWh
Usage on site:
CO2 emissions saved:
168 tonnes P/A equal to 17 average UK households
£5000 P/A increasing yearly at circa 2.5% for 20 years

Steel works - wind

Our client, a major steal fabricator had found that energy had become a major overhead cost and was approached by our consortium about considering siting a wind turbine in return for a power purchase agreement to buy the energy generated by the turbine. A saving of 50% of current energy costs for 20 years indexed linked to RPI and not the energy market led to a decision to install a 500kW EWT wind turbine on the site.
The wind speed on site at 70m high had given a wind speed of 6.6m/s which in turn generated an output of some 1,700,00kWh/year contributing to a sizeable reduction in energy costs.
The machine was connected by HV with an LV connection to the factory to take full advantage of all of the energy produced.
Spectrum provides a full design and installation service for all projects.
Spectrum Energy acted as principle contractor, encompassing the role of CDM co-ordinator and delivering the project from site survey to switch on. The skills of Spectrums engineering team all contributed to the successful design of a complicated metering arrangement and site specific earthing system which coupled with the project management skills of the team delivered a successful installation.

The turbine chosen for the project was a direct drive EWT machine with a 70m tower and 54m diameter blade which is one of the most advanced available today

Project details

Size of system
500 kWp
EWT 500
Forecast Output
1,634,000 KWh/annum
Carbon Saving
988 tonnes/annum
Year 1 Performance vs forecast

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