Do you own a commercial property in the UK?

You could benefit from fully funded renewable energy savings

Commercial Renewable Energy

Our offer to provide a zero financial investment from your organisation allows you to benefit financially whilst improving your company image/brand. From a corporate and economic viewpoint we enable your business to improve its reputation as an environmentally conscious organisation.

Here at Visolaris Limited (Visolaris /.Latin: solar power/ ) we are an UK based renewable energy company specialising in the two most efficient and viable technologies, namely Solar PV and Wind Turbines on a commercial scale.

We have the experience and expertise to deliver large scale renewable energy solutions from wind and solar farms to rooftop arrays, small business down to individual schools. We offer a bespoke service for each client to deliver the best solution for their individual needs, this includes design, development, grid connection, construction, and ongoing operation and management.

Explore our case studies below to discover how they can help you save on energy costs in each sector.

Our Case Studies

Our Process

Although the process slightly differs from Solar to Wind to CHP, the same high standard of assessment, design and installation will be carried out. Once the process is complete, your installation will be operated and maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Click on either our Solar, Wind or CHP solution to learn more about the work we carry out.

Solar Energy

  • Desktop assessment and Feasibility Study
  • Site Design & Applications
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance
Learn more about our Solar Energy Process

Wind Power

  • Desktop assessment and Feasibility Study
  • Formal Offer
  • Site Design & Applications
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance
Learn more about our Wind Power Process


  • Feasibility survey and energy consumption
  • Site designs, offerings & applications
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance
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